Introducing Rewear by Malaika

The Again Co.
2 min readSep 22, 2023


We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Rewear by Malaika, the official marketplace to buy and sell pre-loved Malaika New York clothing!

From the launch of her eponymous brand on Earth Day 2016, Malaika Boysen Haaning has prioritized sustainability. Her pieces are designed to be worn for many years, regardless of changes in fashion or in a woman’s body during different stages of her life. Malaika’s innovative use of rectangular patterns reduces textile waste by half compared to the industry standard of 30%. She makes extensive use of dead-stock, old bike tubes, regenerated nylon fabrics, and textile offcuts. She even uses secondhand equipment and furniture in her studio to further reduce the environmental impact of her business.

Today, Malaika is taking another step in furthering her sustainability goals. By helping her clothes find new homes when they are no longer needed, she is ensuring that they stay in use as long as possible — as she intended when they were first produced.

Rewear by Malaika is home to a community of people who share a passion for Malaika’s timeless designs and want to amplify her sustainability efforts by choosing to shop pre-loved. Shoppers can discover unique looks at great values, while sellers can earn cash or gift cards from selling their unneeded clothes.

We’re proud to help Malaika in her efforts to promote a sustainable lifestyle, and encourage everyone to support her brand. Our planet needs more brands like Malaika New York, and far fewer fast fashion brands.